Surgical Treatment of Breast Disease

Barrington Surgeons has over 30 years of experience in the management of breast diseases. The initial evaluation of patients with breast problems begins with a complete history with risk assessment and a thorough breast examination. Further evaluation may require obtaining and reviewing mammograms and/or breast ultrasound studies. A fine needle aspiration study may also be necessary. Additional information may be obtained by core biopsy, operative surgical biopsy and where indicated by breast MRI or PET scanning.

If the diagnosis is a benign breast problem, most issues can be resolved without surgery. Should surgery be required, the procedures are performed in the outpatient setting with a variety of anesthetic choices available. Recovery is prompt with a rapid recovery to full function.

If the patient is diagnosed with breast cancer, all findings are reviewed with the patient and a counseling session undertaken to review and explain the treatment options that are appropriate. When necessary or requested, referral to medical oncologists, radiation oncologists, plastic surgeons and other support personnel can be arranged. Barrington Surgeons has extensive experience in breast conservation therapy – a lumpectomy procedure with sentinel node biopsy. Also available are procedures in conjunction with a plastic surgeon when reconstruction is required. Breast brachytherapy (accelerated partial breast radiation) is also available for selected cases.

Outcome results for the treatment of breast cancer are a very important issue. The treatment of breast cancer is often a multi-disciplinary approach. Review of the Good Shepherd Hospital Cancer Program Tumor Registry data has clearly defined that the outcome data for breast cancer cases treated at Good Shepherd Hospital meet or exceed the national data survival results.